Wednesday 2 June 2010

Amazing Embroidery

I was speaking with 2 guilds from the Ontario Needle Network last Saturday. It was fascinating to see the work they were showing. As a wee lass, part of my education on becoming a sewing/crafty person was a bit of embroidery. So I can say I have done some, along with knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, etc.

I was looking at various styles like Stumpwork, Swedish Weaving, and Ruskan Lace. Most interesting to me was the freestyle, where a picture is created purely out of colourful stitches, of maybe a bird, a flower, or a landscape scene. While I can't see myself creating such a work, I can see using some of these elements in the work I'm doing with my photos.

From the perspective I have now, it's very different to see this work. I have a great appreciation for the time, creativity, and precision it takes to do this exquisite handwork. I have a piece or two my great-aunt made many years ago, which I love. I feel very connected to my ancestors and other women, and inspired to do my own brand of needlework.

And with that, it is back to my sewing machine.

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