Saturday 8 February 2014

Weekend Sewing

I've been working long hours during the week, and don't have much left for sewing, so I try to spend a bunch of time on the weekends getting some sewing done.  It's been slow progress, but progress is progress.

This turquoise star quilt had its borders added on last weekend. I decided to go with the sawtooth right into the corners, instead of having a tiny star which I think looked too small for impact. I wrote about it here. Today I was able to make a backing for it. So I'm happy about that being two big steps towards its completion.  Can't say when it will get sandwiched and quilted, though. I haven't planned that far ahead.

And this stack of 9 patches has been slowly inching forward as well. They are 3 1/2", and I've been trimming them up. Aren't they just about the cutest things you've seen lately?!  I need 198 of them, and have to cut 200 white patches to put in between these. There is still a lot of work on this, but I can work on it in bits and pieces, without it being a big thinking project. I'm considering doing an applique border on white, instead of no border, but I'm still not sure how it will go.

Other than that, I've been just hanging on until spring. This is turning out to be a tough winter in which to work. My mom used to say "just keep putting one foot in front of the other" so that's what keeps me going.   I do love the winter Olympics, though, and Canada has gold, silver, and bronze on the first day. Very exciting.


  1. Great choice on that sawtooth border. Looks great on the quilt!

  2. Great progress on your stars and sawtooth quilt, Ilene. And those are the sweetest nine patches! Love the imagery your description invokes. The applique border will be a nice finishing touch! Yes, this winter has been a bit much. One foot is good advice!

  3. I love the fabrics in your star quilt, Ilene! And the sawtooth border is perfect. What is the plan for all your little 9 patches? They look great. :)

  4. Your turquoise star quilt puts me in mind of the Sochi backdrop theme colour combination. I really like the stars and of course, the red and white 9 patches. Looking forward to see the completed top!


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