Monday 31 August 2015

And Another One

Denim Duvet Cover
by Ilene Atkins
This is one I worked on over last winter. I made it as a duvet cover, so it has no batting. I quilted the top with a backing, then added another loose backing into the binding. I left one side open and added buttons to enclose the duvet. It looks best with the duvet inside, and is very nice to sleep under.

Denim Duvet Cover, in progress
by Ilene Atkins
This was a quilt with total improvisational piecing. I had denim pieces cut and destined for other quilts, and leftover 16-patch blocks from another quilt. I just worked with what I had, cutting and stitching pieces together until I had columns long enough for a quilt. Then I joined the strips with a skinny dark blue to tie it all together. Not much planning, just a lot of strips going in.

I kept the quilting simple, with long straight lines, with a few big circles thrown in.

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  1. Sorry if I am repeating myself, not sure if my comment went through.
    Just wanted to say that it is good to see you back :-)
    Both of your quilts are lovely, but I really like the heart one, so much work.
    Take care,


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