Thursday 26 May 2016

Turquoise Stars

Turquoise Stars 
by Ilene Atkins
I finished this one recently, Pieced from a collection of turquoise fabrics. I love turquoise. Many of the clothes I wear are turquoise. Or blue. Or pink! So this colour combination if perfect for me. I wrote previously about making this quilt top, and now I can gladly say it is a finish.

Quilted quite heavily, using mostly King Tut thread. I was practicing different fill patterns inside those stars, and used a few stencils as well.

I believe I can say I'm getting better at what to quilt where, but I'm still learning what looks best. Often you don't know until it's quilted and all stitched up.

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  1. Hi Ilene, I love your colour choices in this quilt and also the machine quilting. Lana B.


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